Standby Service for Aeromedical Evacuation & Transport

For SCUBA Diving

We Standby for Emergency Evacuation to Panama and Coordination of Specialized Services
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Dive with confidence knowing you have our helicopter evacuation standby service at your back. In the unlikely event of an emergency, our dedicated team will be on high alert, ready for immediate medical evacuation.

Our helicopters can quickly transport you directly to a top-tier international hospital in Panama City, ensuring you receive the fastest possible care.

For divers with specific decompression illness (DCI) concerns, we can coordinate seamless transfer to a hyperbaric chamber located within the partnering hospital. This specialized chamber allows for rapid pressurization treatments, crucial for a full recovery.

Our service provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on exploring the underwater wonders of Panama.

Panama Regions of Coverage

This service is available for the Pacific regions of Isla Coiba, Isla Secas, Isla Parida and other locations in the Gulf of Chiriqui. 

Where Would the Helicopter Land to Pickup the Patient?

Safe and secure helicopter landing locations that are accessible by a launch / tender in all tide conditions are

(1) in the Isla Coiba region either at the main ranger station on Isla Coiba or also at the concrete landing area at isla Rancheria

(2) In the Boca Chica area at our designated helicopter location near the primary dock. 

What is Provided with the Standby Service?

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What is the Flight Time to Panama City and Where Does the Helicopter Land??

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