Aeromedical Helicopter Transfers by Elevair

Aeromedical transport by helicopter for patients in need.


Providing Aeromedical Helicopter Transfer Services Throughout Panama

Elevair’s Aeromedical Helicopter Transfer Services provides rapid helicopter transport of critically ill or injured pediatric and adult patients. We transport patients who need transfers from resorts or most  health facilities / clinics throughout Panama to your hospital of choice in Panama City. Our transfers include onward ground transfer to the hospital from Albrook Airport. One single seamless transfer. 

Our twin engine helicopter provides increased safety and redundancy coupled together with greater power for improved performance and capabilities.

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Reduced Transfer Time to Hospital

Elevair’s aeromedical helicopter can reach patients and transport them to a Panama City hospital much faster than a ground ambulance in almost all cases. Especially in the remote areas or island resorts throughout Panama.

This is crucial for patients with time-sensitive conditions like serious trauma, stroke, or heart attack, where quicker intervention can significantly improve outcomes.

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Increased Location Access

Elevair’s aeromedical helicopter can land in the many places in Panama that are inaccessible to ground ambulances, such as island clinics and hospitals, or island resorts.

This allows for the rapid evacuation of patients from remote locations and improves access to the specialized care and medical facilities located in Panama City.


Advanced Inflight Medical Care

Elevair’s aeromedical helicopter is equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by specially trained paramedics and flight nurses who can provide life-saving care during transport.

This includes administering medications, performing procedures, and monitoring vital signs. This advanced level of care can help to stabilize patients and improve their chances of survival.

Frequently Asked Questions on Our Services

Aeromedical transport is for non-emergency medical flights. The patient requires secondary level of medical attention but do not need critical emergency care. The patient will typically already be assessed and approved by a doctor as safe for air transport to a hospital.

The term Air Ambulance usually refers to dedicated aircraft equipped and staffed with specialized trauma medical personnel and equipment to provide emergency and critical medical care during transport. 


We cover all of Panama with our services.

Typical cost for aeromedical transport by helicopter are listed below.

Linton Bay /  Isla Grande: $3,300.
Corazon de Jesus (San Blas): $4,050.
Playa Venao, Isla Coiba: $7,500.
Boca Chica, Isla Palenque: $9,500.
Bocas del Toro: $9,500.

These should be used as a guideline as we will provide a firm quotation for each trip.
> Add 7% ITBMS Sales Tax.
> Not included is ground ambulance transportation at departure or in Panama City. 
> 100% payment in advance by Visa, Mastercard or Bank ACH.

You will need to check if your medical insurance plan will cover this cost of the transport, and if so make a claim to your insurance company after the flight.

We do not accept pre-authorizations by insurance companies as a form of payment. 

We only operate into Panama City (Albrook Airport) where we have the facilities for ground transport to the prearranged hospital in Panama City.

We do not operate into the airport in David and there would be no cost saving to do that.

No, due to regulations we can not operate at night. All flights must be initiated and coordinated so that the helicopter arrives in Panama City by 6:00 pm.

No. Because  of the medical personnel and medical equipment on board the helicopter, there is no room for any family member or  other person to accompany the patient.

Elevair can arrange for a separate charter flight or the person can travel by other means.

When the patient arrives to Albrook Airport in Panama City on the helicopter, the flight is met at our hanger ramp by our private ground ambulance and the patient is transferred to the pre-arranged hospital. We arrange for the ambulance to be ready and the cost of the ground ambulance is included in the total trip cost.

We coordinate with the prearranged receiving hospital the arrival and admission of the patient.

All costs associated with the patient admission to the hospital must be pre-arranged directly with the hospital.

We can help coordinate a further medevac flight to another country. Before an international medevac flight can be confirmed, there must be an full assessment by a doctor in the Panama Hospital and coordination with the medevac company flight surgeon. There typically will be a 8-12 hour minimum time period before the medevac flight arrives in Panama for the patient transfer. Internationational medevac flights must be prepaid in full, there must be a bed available at the receiving hospital confirmed. If an insurance company will be paying for the flight, there will typically be a 24 to 48 hour minimum  approval and dispatch time period.

Because  of the medical personnel and medical equipment on board the helicopter, there is no room for any family member or  other person to accompany the patient. Elevair can arrange for a separate charter flight or the person can travel by other means.

Yes, there is personnel liability insurance for $xxxx

Yes, the flight doctor is XXXXX

Equipped for the Task

Our Aircraft and Equipment

The right equipment for the job.

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Onboard Medical Equipment

Fully Equipped for Patient Care In Flight

This helicopter is dispatched with an articulated medical stretcher, essential medical equipment and qualified aeromedical staff. 

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Qualified Medical Air Transport Personnel

This helicopter is dispatched with;

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AS355 HP-1873HA_

Emergency Aeromedical Transport

AS355 Helicopterby Air bus

The Eurocopter (Airbus) AS355 is a twin-engine light utility helicopter renowned for its agility, maneuverability, and reliability. These qualities make it a popular choice for aeromedical transport around the world.

It features twin-engine power that provides redundancy and increased safety in critical medical operations and situations. With it's compact size it in land in confined spaces.

The large cabin offers ample space for medical equipment, crew, and patient stretcher. The AS355 provides a stable platform and a spacious cabin for medical transport which facilitates advanced medical procedures during transport.

Aeromedical Transport Solutions for Panama

We provide unparalleled service and expertise for transport of patients from all corners of Panama to the world class medical facilities of Panama City. Safely and efficiently.

Connect with us now to access more information or to initiate a transfer.