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Air Concierge Services

Seamless air charter solutions with flawless service.
Personalized to your schedule and requirements.
End to End full concierge services.
Private and secure.

Travellers appreciate and value our expertise in providing a premium service with the best aircraft for their unique flight mission together with the flexibility and adaptability to meet their changing agendas. 

We support domestic Panama and international operations. We use exclusively private air terminals and services to provide a discrete and secure travel experience.

Our fully-engaged “hands on” approach to your clients’ pre-trip and flight execution assures that you are always aware of trip planning details and trip execution progress.

Our Air Concierge Fleet

U-Caravan Amphib 350x305

Cessna Caravan Seaplane (Q1 2024)

Expected to be returning to our Panama fleet in Q1 2024. This versatile amphibious seaplane is a client favorite due to its VIP comfort and flexibility to land at any island or bay resort in Panama.
Also able to land directly at yachts at anchor for the ultimate savings in transit time for passengers or cargo.

King Air SJO_cr_350x305

King Air 200 Executive VIP

Premium VIP pressurized twin engine turboprop and our flagship aircraft in our Argus Gold Air Charter Certification (link). Six full luxury seats and two addition passengers can be accommodated on a bench seat. From Panama City to Bocas or David in 45 miutes. Ideal aircraft for international flights within Central America, the Caribbean as well as South America.

King Air F90_350x305

King Air F90 (Q3 2023)

The King Air F90 is slightly smaller than the King Air 200 but  with the same pressurized twin engine turboprop configuration. Configured with six luxury passenger seats. Panama City to Bocas or David in well under one hour with a premium passenger level of comfort and versatility. Suitable for international flights within Central America and northern South America.

U-Kodiak 350x305

Dahler Kodiak Turboprop

Single engine non-pressurized aircraft with short field capabilities. This aircraft makes access to shorter fields in Panama possible: Porvenir Airstrip (San Blas), Fort Sherman (Shelter Bay Marina) as well as regular airports of Pedasi, Bocas del Toro, David. Seats 8 passengers comfortably plus luggage.

U-Cessna Grand Caravan Wheels_350x305

Cessna Caravan (Wheels)

Premium single engine turboprop for domestic transfers. Up to 12 passengers plus luggage. Non pressurized. Travel time from Panama City to Bocas or David in under one hour and 15 minutes.


AS355 HP-1873HA_

Airbus AS355 (Twin Engine)

The Airbus AS355 is a twin-engine helicopter with the enhanced safety of the twin-engine performance and can accommodate two pilots. Capable of carrying 4 -6 passengers, this helicopter is the perfect choice for executive high-end charter.

This helicopter can also be dispatched with an articulated medical stretcher, essential medical equipment and qualified aeromedical staff to enable fast patient transfers from any remote location in Panama to hospitals in Panama City. We can also provide direct connection to an air ambulance jet to the U.S.A.

Special Mission Aircaft

U-beechcraft-1900 350x305

Beechcraft 1900 Executive

For flights of groups of 12-18 passengers from Panama to/from international destinations we have available this executive seating aircraft. Range of 1,000 km from Panama allows non-stop flights north to Guatemala or south to Ecuador.

U-Hawker-400 350x305

Hawker Beechjet 400A

This light business feature a large spacious cabin and seating for 8-10 passengers plus luggage. This jet cruises at over 400 mph with a service ceiling of 45,000 feet providing well over 1,000 miles range from Panama. Non-stop flights from Panama City to Miami. Mexico DF or Peru.

Piston Engine Aircraft

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-31 at 2.53.15 PM_cr

Cessna 182R

The Cessna 182 RG is a an economical 4-seat single engine piston engine aircraft for Panama. Versatile short field performance for San Blas airstrips, but also fast enough for a 90 minute trip to Bocas del Toro or David airports, Comfortable for 3 passengers plus luggage.

Islander 350x305_clipdrop-cleanup

Britten Norman BN-2 Islander

(Q1 2024) This 9-passenger aircraft is ideally suited for operations into most of the legacy small or unprepared rough airstrips scattered throughout Panama, the Darien and San Blas Islands. Over 750 are still in service with commercial operators around the world.

Tocumen Airport Private VIP Arrival / Departure Services

Arrival at Tocumen Airport on an International Flight
Completely avoid the crowds, lineups and hassles of public immigration, baggage claim and customs processes with our "VIP Meet & Assist Services" at Tocumen Airport.

Arriving international flight passengers are met by our Concierge immediately upon exiting the flight's jetway. Passengers are then directly transferred from their arrival gate by private van to the Signature Flight Services facility at the General Aviation Ramp for private inbound immigration, health and customs clearance.

A short stroll to your waiting chartered aircraft, and in about one hour you are arriving at your destination airport. A seamless and exhilarating start to the Panama Experience. Relaxed, refreshed and ready to unwind.

For passengers arriving on an international commercial flight as late as mid-afternoon, we can usually facilitate an extra night at the destination resort and avoid an overnight hotel stay in Panama City.

Departure from Tocumen Airport on an International Flight
For passengers departing from Tocumen Airport we can facilitate a seamless transfer from the inbound charter flight to the passengers' airline check-in counter.

The inbound charter aircraft will land at Tocumen Airport and passengers with their luggage are deplaned at the Signature Flight Services facility. An opportunity to relax in the VIP lounge, refresh with a shower and a change of clothes before the onward international flight. Passengers are transported to the Tocumen main passenger terminal for check-in and baggage drop at the airline's counter typically two hours before the international flight departure.
Carry on bags only? We can typically arrange to take passengers directly to the flight departure gate, bypassing standard terminal check-in, security procedures and lineups.
In most cases we facilitate an extra night at the resort and avoid an overnight hotel stay in Panama City. Seamless, private and exclusive

Argus Gold Charter Operational Certification

U-Argus Gold TSS 350x305

Argus CHEQ Progam Gold Rating

Fly with the confidence and peace-of-mind knowing that our aircraft operation has passed the industry’s most respected, unbiased, and detailed third-party charter operator analysis.  The Argus CHEQ due diligence system offers charter operators, buyers, and passengers around the world the confidence and peace-of-mind desired for their upcoming flight

 For some people, flying is a stressful experience, filled with doubt and uncertainty. The Argus Gold Rating removes some of the nervousness that goes along with flying and getting confirmation of the safety history of a carrier. Adding one more degree of comfort to the entire process for flyers.

The ARGUS Gold rating indicates the charter operator meets or exceeds ARGUS standards, he company does not have outstanding safety issues, has had a Air Operators Certification from the country authorities for least a year and at least one turbine aircraft on certificate.

ARGUS is an independent rating system for aircraft operators that takes individual histories of the operators into account when assigning grades. All charter services must go through the ARGUS Charter Evaluation and Qualification, or CHEQ, process as it is one of the most respected systems for rating charter operators in the world.

The Argus CHEQ system is more than a simple history of how the operator does business: it is an indication that the operator in question is a legitimate operator with a safety record. It confirms the experience and training of pilots, along with any certifications the pilots may have as well. It even confirms that the operator does, in fact, have liability insurance.

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