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Experience Unparalleled Flexibility & Convenience

Elevate your travel experience with our fleet of charter aircraft, providing seamless air connectivity across Panama and Costa Rica. Wherever your destination, enjoy the unmatched convenience and comfort of flying privately with Elevair's renowned Air Concierge Service.

We prioritize your time and comfort, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey from initial booking to your final landing. Experience the luxury of private air travel like never before.

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Personalized Itineraries

Our Air Concierge service creates personalized itineraries tailored to your preferences and needs.

Whether you're planning one stop or multiple destinations, we ensure that every detail is taken care of to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

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Optimize Your Travel Time

We understand that time is your most valuable asset. That's why we offer the most efficient connectivity option from your inbound international flight to your desired destination.

With our concierge air charter service, you can save precious hours, and even days, of travel time. Say goodbye to lengthy layovers and inconvenient connections.

We help you to ensure that every moment counts when it comes to your travel plans.

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Seamless Additional Services

We go above and beyond to ensure that your travel experience is nothing short of extraordinary. With our esteemed luxury industry partners, we are proud to offer a seamless integration of additional services that will perfectly complement your trip.

  • Premium Mercedes vans for ground transportation
  • Partnerships with Panama's most exquisite 5-star resorts and hotels
  • An extensive network of service providers for special requests or unique requirements


Value Added Services

We cater to every client need, ensuring seamless and personalized solutions. Explore our featured services below. Have something specific in mind? Reach out, and let's explore tailored options together.

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Experience Luxury and Convenience

Value Added Services

We cater to every client need, ensuring seamless and personalized solutions. Explore our featured services below. Have something specific in mind? Reach out, and let's explore tailored options together.

Arrival Service 999x999

VIP Arrival Service at Tocumen Airport

Seamless Connection to Your Charter Flight

  • Completely avoid the crowds, lineups and hassles of public immigration, baggage claim and customs processes with our "VIP Meet & Assist Services" at Tocumen Airport.

Dedicated Arrival Concierge Services

  • Arriving international flight passengers are met by our Concierge immediately upon exiting the flight's jetway. Passengers are then directly transferred from their arrival gate by private van to the Signature Flight Services facility. 

Private Off Terminal Arrival Procedures

  • All arrival immigration and custom formalities are at the Signature Flight Services facility. Private, Exclusive No line-ups, no waiting.  

Immediate Departure on your Chartered Aircraft

  • A short stroll to your waiting chartered aircraft, and in about one hour you are arriving at your destination. Relaxed, refreshed and ready to unwind.

Significant Saving of Your Precious Vacation Time

  • For passengers arriving on an international commercial flight as late as mid-afternoon, we can usually facilitate an extra night at the destination resort and avoid an overnight hotel stay in Panama City.
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VIP Departure Service at Tocumen Airport

Seamless Departure Connection from Your Inbound Charter Aircraft

  • A seamless international departure connection from your inbound charter aircraft to your outbound international commercial or private flight

Get Prepared for Your Long Onward Journey

  • Our facilities allow you a chance to shower and change into fresh clothes if you have a long onward international flight

Travelling Light, We'll Take You Directly to Your Departure Gate

  • Only carry-on luggage, we can take you directly to your international departure gate, skipping terminal security and lineups. Have bags to check, we'll take you to your airline's check in desk.
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Other Services

Our Ecosystem of Luxury Partners

  • At Elevair, we go above and beyond to ensure that your complete travel experience is nothing short of extraordinary. With our esteemed luxury industry partners, we are proud to offer a seamless integration of additional services that will perfectly complement your trip.

Ground Transport in Style

  • Need ground transfer services? We provide comfort and style with our premium Mercedes vans for ground transportation. Whether you need a chauffeur-driven ride to and from the airport or want to explore the beautiful cityscape, our top-of-the-line vehicles will exceed your expectations.

Unparalleled Hotel & Resort Accommodations

  • We understand the importance of a five-star hote4 or resort.  That's why we have established partnerships with Panama's most exquisite resorts and hotels. Rest assured that our team will handle all your accommodation bookings, ensuring that you're pampered in luxury from check-in to check-out.

A Vast Network of Luxury Supplier Connections

  • Our extensive network of contacts and associates is at your service. If you have any special requests or unique requirements, we are here to make it happen. Whether it's a private day trip by air to San Blas or arranging for a private VIPO Tour of the Panama Canal Miraflores Locks, our team will leverage our connections to bring your vision to life.
AS355 HP-1873HA_

Emergency Aeromedical Transport

Aeromedical Helicopter Transport Services

  • Our Airbus AS355 is well suited for for aeromedical transport. It is a twin-engine helicopter that is known for its versatility, reliability, and safety. The AS355 is used by air medical operators around the world.

Fully Equipped with the Right Medical Staff and Equipment

  • This helicopter can be dispatched with an articulated medical stretcher, essential medical equipment and qualified aeromedical staff to enable fast patient transfers from any remote location in Panama to hospitals in Panama City.

Emergency Service Throughout Panama

  • The AS355 is ideal for accessing remote areas and landing at small hospitals. A stable platform for transporting ill or injured patients. 

Aircraft Fleet

Our Available Aircraft and Helicopter Fleet


Cessna Caravan Seaplane

Expected return in Q4 2024

  • Versatile amphibious seaplane
  • VIP comfort and flexibility
  • Ideal for island or bay resort landings
  • Direct yacht landings for efficient transit
Ramp512 x 921w

Beechcraft King Air 200 Executive VIP

  • Flagship Executive Turboprop
  • Argus Gold Air Charter Certification
  • Six full luxury seats, plus two on bench seat
  • Tocumen to Bocas or David in 45 minutes
  • Ideal for international flights in the Americas
King Air F90_350x305

Beechcraft King Air F90 Turboprop

  • Pressurized twin-engine configuration
  • Six luxury passenger seats
  • Quick and comfortable travel within the Americas
AS355 HP-1873HA_

Airbus AS355 Twin Engine Helicopter 

  • Executive Twin-Engine Helicopter. Extra safety factor
  • Available with two pilots if requested
  • Carries 5 passengers (with single pilot)
  • Efficient for executive VIP charter
  • If required, can be fully equipped and staffed for aeromedical transfers throughout Panama
U-Kodiak 350x305

Dahler Kodiak Turboprop

  • Short and rough field capability
  • Ideal for San Blas transfers to Porvenir and Corazon de Jesus
  • Single-engine turboprop aircraft
  • Seats 8 passengers plus luggage (1,600 lb total combined)
U-Cessna Grand Caravan Wheels_350x305

Cessna Caravan (Wheels)

  • Premium VIP configuration 
  • Up to 10 passengers plus luggage
  • Non-pressurized
  • Club seating
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Cessna 182R

  • An economical single engine piston engine aircraft 
  • Comfortable for 3 passengers plus luggage.
  • Versatile short field performance for San Blas and other shorter airstrips
U-beechcraft-1900 350x305

Beechcraft 1900 Executive

  • For flights of 12-18 passengers from Panama to/from international destinations
  • This aircraft configuration is executive seating, not commuter
  • 1,000 km frange rom Panama allows non-stop flights north to Guatemala or south to Ecuador

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Expedition Services


Argus CHEQ Progam Gold Rating


Confidence and Peace of Mind

Fly with the confidence and peace-of-mind knowing that our aircraft operation has passed the industry's most respected, unbiased, and detailed third-party charter operator analysis.

The Argus CHEQ Program Gold Rating assures travelers of a charter operator's commitment to safety. It signifies that the operator meets or exceeds Argus standards, has no outstanding safety issues, holds an Air Operators Certification for at least a year, and operates at least one turbine aircraft.

International Recognition

This international  independent rating system considers individual operator histories, providing a detailed and unbiased analysis that offers confidence and peace of mind to passengers.

The Gold Rating not only confirms the operator's safety record but also validates the experience, training, and certifications of its pilots, ensuring a legitimate and secure flying experience. The result is passenger peace of mind that you are flying with a reputable air charter operator.

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