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Destinations, Rio Diablo, Guna Yala

Rio Diablo is a quiet meandering river in the Comarca Guna Yala with amazing raw nature. and a touch of local culture of the indigenous Guna Yala people who live in the area.

Whether by local cayuco or by  kayak, this remote river is an experience to explore. The mouth of the Rio Diablo has many fallen trees, submerged trunks and limbs and once past the maze of deadfalls the river transforms into an landscape surrounded by a dense wall of tropical rainforest teaming with undisturbed wildlife.

Along the shore you will see many wading type birds including tri-color herons, great egrets and ibis. Almost guaranteed to see elusive toucan  high in the trees. Further up the river and down a small path is a Kuna cemetery and an opportunity to learn some local culture and practices in this sacred location.

As you return, more wildlife of course and also locals going about their normal routines such as bring bamboo and other building materials back to their village in their hand-built cayuca boats.